Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sichuan and Yunnan: China's paradise [photos]

Southwestern China is a natural paradise. Even looking out the windows of a train travelling through Sichuan province, I was amazed at the constant beauty of the scenery. 

Rice fields 

Verdant greenery and mountains
Rice paddies
Yet supposedly the most beautiful province in China is Yunnan, which is directly south of Sichuan. This was certainly reflected in the natural beauty of the campus of Yunnan University in Kunming:

The campus
Me, dwarfed by a stand of bamboo
People have etched their names (I assume) into the bamboo
Kunming's cuisine is also pretty good, and more to my taste than the incredibly spicy Sichuan food.
The view from a restaurant where my friend's parents took us
Like America, China is a huge country with great natural diversity, and although I didn't get to spend enough time in the South to confirm this hypothesis, I wouldn't be surprised if southern China is as different from Beijing in its way of living as the American South is from the Northeast.

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