Friday, August 16, 2013

The worst bag of chips I have ever eaten

Lay's potato chips (乐事) have some pretty excellent flavors in China, including shrimp:

And cucumber, which beats anything I've had in America:

The thing about these chips is that they actually taste like the flavors they're described as having. In general, this is a good thing.

However, yesterday I had the misfortune of trying "Spicy Green Pepper Corn Fish Flavor" chips:

Like Sichuan fish, they literally tasted like eating pepper, and were barely edible.

My advice: stick to the shrimp and the cucumber.


Update, 2014/06/03:

I had a chip tasting experience recently which stood out in the opposite direction. The flavor I tried was called "Fun Wasabi Shrimp Flavor". Here's the bag:

In theory it's a somewhat unusual combination. Wasabi is eaten with shrimp sushi, but there's no special affiliation between the two. But after trying the chips I'm left wondering why this combination isn't put into practice more often - including with cooked shrimp. The shrimp flavoring manages to have both fresh and umami tastes, and the wasabi complements it without overwhelming it. As for the chips as chips, they're not overly greasy, yet are still satisfying enough to avert that sense of emptiness that sometimes follows after eating a bag of chips.

In China, the best and the worst do seem to follow upon each other.

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