Monday, September 14, 2015

Thoughts on some excerpts from the ISIS propaganda magazine [non-China]

I found out that ISIS publishes its own propaganda magazine. Taking a look at a couple of issues, I'm amazed at the modernness of the writing and formatting, combined with what seems like a complete rejection of the basic values of modernity.

This is a scary passage:

This one projects quite a different image:
But then it's back to the same:

This passage suggests it's a cult (though I guess that's true of most religions, to a certain degree):
The amazing thing for me about this is how the people who made this can be so primitive in their opinions and yet so media savvy. The degree of intelligence and cultural awareness displayed, side by side with the brutality and closed-mindedness, surprises me. Their complete faith in their interpretation of Islam, despite its conflict with the humanistic ideas that I think of as a major product of civilization, seems primitive. But they're clearly media savvy and engaged in the global culture. It's not like they don't know about the beliefs. They just choose to reject them.

Sources: Issue 4, Issue 2

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  1. I dont understand why would ISIS publish its own propaganda magazine. Its completely terrible! I think very strict action should be taken against it.