Monday, December 23, 2013

Too many contacts? Contact Remover Plus [review; non-China]

Smartphones are great. But one annoyance thereof, concomitant with the ability to centralize your contacts from many different sources (Facebook, Gmail, Skype, telephone contacts, etc.) is that you end up with a lot of duplicate contacts.

A great way to remove them is an app called Contact Remover Plus (only available on Android). Here's how it works:

1. First, the app loads all of your contacts (or those from a particular account if you prefer):

2. You tell it what criteria to use (phone number, email address, name, etc.), and it looks for any duplicates:

3. The app shows you the duplicates it has found:

4. You check whichever duplicates you want to merge, and select which account (email, phone carrier, etc.) you want to merge them to (I'm merging to my email address):

5. Press "Merge", and the app merges the duplicates:

6. Voila:

your duplicate contacts are gone!

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