Wednesday, December 18, 2013

China's insanity [photos]

Although I miss Taiwan and want to go back as soon as possible, I'm returning to China next month. (I've been back in America for the holidays.) People have been asking me why I prefer to return to China and I've been having a hard time answering. I know that I find China more exciting than any other place I've ever been, but why?

I've finally settled on using the word "crazy" to describe China. By itself, though, this word doesn't convey enough. Here are some photos of a few of the crazy things I've seen in China.

The do-it-yourself garbage truck

The beautiful street with hundreds of lanterns and no people

The park where every tree was painted white

The random croquet field (I didn't even know that was a thing)

The people dancing at night
The huge pile of bricks left in the middle of the street

The pet monkey

The sheep in the middle of the road

The beer-drinking toddler

The mysterious giant dog
The people using umbrellas as sun shades...
or welders' masks!

The cornfield in the middle of the city

The piles of locks halfway up the mountain
The "Helen Keller" brand sunglasses

The shirtless men everywhere
The knockoffs

The toys
The "black man" brand toothpaste

The Spanish villas
And then there's the Chinglish, whose unintentional humor adds hilarity to any trip through the streets of Beijing, the crowds, the insane drivers, and the pollution, which is a challenge but which makes the blue-sky days feel that much more awesome.

If you have an adventurous spirit, you'll never have a dull day in China. I still feel the same excitement about travelling to Beijing as I did the first time. I can't wait to be back.

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