Saturday, February 8, 2014

A beautiful "art hotel" in Beijing [photos]

The Jiangtai Art Hotel in Beijing is one of the most amazing places I've stayed in my life. The "art hotel" name is more than symbolic: the entire hotel is covered with art of various sorts. The lobby:

The hallways:

The rooms:

The furniture:

And even the elevators:

and the stairwells (which Chinese people never use):

Here are some of the cool sculptures on the first floor:

these are door handles
Some of the rooms have special themes, from love:

to Americana:

to Modernism:

to fitness:

to Japan:

Imagine sleeping here for a night!

Of course, this being China, there was also some amusing Chinglish:

The reason I stayed there at the time was actually not because of the decorations, but because I was broke and could use my meager American Airlines rewards miles to stay in the Honeycomb rooms. These rooms - if they can be called that - are decidedly for those who are not claustrophobic:

But at $13 per night, and in the middle of such a gorgeous environment, I wasn't about to complain.

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  1. i really love the placement of each and every piece. and how the colours have been managed to go with the walls and the interior. keep us updated with more of the sort